About Ravera Water Storage Tanks

RAVERA ENGINEERING is manufacturer of Rotational Moulded Polyethylene water storage tanks used for safe storage of Drinking water.

Tanks are made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), which is a food grade & non-toxic material, features a one piece moulded design with no joins reduces the risk of leaks, ensure excellent impact strength, resistance against chemical agents, temperature changes, adverse weather conditions and UV rays. These tanks are not transparent and this fact prevents the exposure of stored liquid to sunlight minimizing the growth of algae.

These storage containers are well known and proven as the industry’s strongest poly water tanks. This is because of unmatched features like thick ribbed sidewalls, a durable truss-like roof design.

Shape & Size :

These tanks are Vertical & cylindrical in shape, easy to handle and are manufactured using superior, computerised techniques; this ensures our tanks are produced to the highest standards.   All tanks are supplied with top screwed lid.

Product Range

RAVERA water tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and can be used for above ground water storage. Capacity :1000 Litres, 2000 Litres & 5000 Litres.

Available in Double layer, Triple layer, 4 Layer, 5 Layer, 6 Layer, & with Foam/ Insulated (Polyurethane Foam)

Colour Available : Blue, Milky White, Black, Green, Orange



The ribs act like belts around the tank keeping it in shape. This reduces bulging & makes it durable & tough


This UV resistant material stops high rated sun-rays breaking down the tank side-walls.


The food grade resin used to build the tank is BIS approved keeping the water safe to drink.